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Mikano’s Power Generation Division is Nigeria’s largest assembler of power generating sets from renowned generator manufacturers such as; Yorc, Perkins and MTU. We provide quality sets ranging from 9 kVa to 3,500 kVa for residential, commercial or industrial use. Mikano ensures that all its generators are factory fitted and tested under high quality standards to withstand all types of weather conditions, particularly, the tropical climate in compliance with international standards.

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Our DIESEL generators are available in UK Yorc, UK Perkins or German MTU Engines coupled with UK Yorc alternators. Throughout our three different generator brands you can find ranges from 9 kVa to 3,500 kVa for residential and Industrial use.

All our diesel generators are water cooled with radiators and a comprehensive AC/DC control panel, built to strict quality standards.
We offer full customized service, giving options such as automatic start/stop, automatic change-over, soundproof enclosures, synchronizing systems and mobile trailer units.
It is our priority to give optimal services to our clients at all stages; from production to delivery and aftersales service.

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Our GAS generators are available in UK Perkins or German MTU Engines.

It is the most suitable option for continuous operation (24/7) with full load, which gives low running costs and minimal maintenance overheads compared to Diesel generators.
Our Gas gensets can operate on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) which enables our costumer to make operational cost saving in regions where the gas pipeline are not available.
All of our engines can operate on Gas Methane number above or equal to 80.


  • Up to 50% operational cost savings
  • Longer life-span
  • Green Energy
  • High product Integrity and Durability
  • Low noise and vibration

Rent Your Generator

Renting generators is the ultimate option to pay only for the kVa that you need. We provide the solution that suits you the most without you having to worry on anything else. Mikano team will install and constantly maintain the generators to ensure your power supply without interruptions. When you rent a generator, power failure is not an option. Mikano offers rental of custom-tailored solutions of both gas and diesel power generators to suit all types of purposes (residential, commercial or industrial). Expert support begins at delivery on-site and all throughout the entire rental period. Rental workshops are located across the nation with an additional 30 fully equipped mobile workshop units fitted with radio communications systems to maintain links with our home communication base.

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Purchase Power (IPP)

Our IPP’s generate and sell power to customers such as utilities, industrial users, and other intermediaries at a Per Kilowatts costing; allowing for constant power availability at a very efficient rating; while allowing payment as it is used. This service delivery is available for both Gas and Diesel generating sets. Mikano also owns and operates utilities to generate or purchase, distribute, transmit, and sell electricity to end-user customers in the residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors. From 1,000 kVa up to 10,000 kVa to meet up with the client requirement. IPP workshops are located across the nation with an additional 30 fully equipped mobile workshop units fitted with radio communications systems to maintain links with home base. Our IPP Clientele includes different Banks and Telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

 Mikano international Generation

Service & Maintainance

 Mikano international Generation
  • Maintenance Contracts are available for any generator, regardless if you bought it with us
  • Mikano products can be delivered safely to any location in Nigeria
  • Installation / Commissioning
  • User training on servicing and handling of the generator, especially Project based clients
  • Preventive service & Routine inspection
  • On call & Repair Services
  • Minor & Major Overhauls
  • Alternator Troubleshooting / Rewinding


Customer care is the backbone of our business. We remain committed to providing excellent customer service, as we believe in creating long lasting relationships with the customers we serve. In order to provide constant client support, Mikano has dedicated a 24/7 customer support service to provide comprehensive, flexible and immediate solutions should a situation arise. Our 24/7 Help Line Service offers immediate support for our customers in any situation with fully Implemented CRM module to provide proactive and quick service response.


  • Preventive maintenance items for all Mikano range is 100% available in stores
  • Mikano after sale service and assembly uses only genuine spare parts for its generators.


The majority of the elements are produced locally at our Mikano Electrical Products and Solutions, and Mikano Steel Fabrication divisions; from the control panels, wiring looms, base frame, Diesel tanks, sound proof canopies, etc.


After the components are assembled, the product is sent for a 1-hor Quality Check, testing its full load between 20% - 120%. Mikano owns a fully equipped workshop and several mobile workshops that are able to maintain excellent aftersales service and 24/7 customer support.

Contact us to Purchase your Generator, Rent your Generator, Purchase Power or for Service and Maintenance of your power gen set.

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