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All panels are manufactured at Mikano and customized to meet the specification of the Nigerian market. These control panels are the brain boxes behind our generators. All generators require a user interface that enables the user to monitor its operations, check for efficient functioning, and intervene when required. Control panels are built using metallic bodies and are setup either on, or, close to the generator. The control panel has become an increasingly complex piece of electronics, therefore it incorporates a microprocessor that can manipulate input from sensors which give feedback to the generator.

This microprocessor is programmed to take effective measures to regulate the performance of the generator, including shutdowns such as extreme low oil pressure or the high coolant temperature(which could lead to over heating). Control panel units are designed and produced by Mikano. They include continuous digital readouts, large character LDC screens, display with running time, oil pressure and water temperature sensors, set points, custom message options, start/stop capabilities and shut-down capabilities.


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